maandag 13 juli 2015

Start with the Delft method to learn Dutch

The complete course Dutch for foreigners from the Delft method is also available as an app, for iOs and Android. Learn how to speak, listen, read and write in Dutch on your smartphone or tablet. The target level is A2 according to the Common European Framework. This level is sufficient to apply for the Dutch Civic Integration Procedure.

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DM AppHow does the method work?
The course contains 43 lessons. In each lesson you will go through the following steps: 

* Listen, read, pronounce, understand and learn the text 
* Do the listening exercises to train yourself to listen well in Dutch
* Make the exam to test if you know the text well enough 
* Make the exercises to test whether you understand what you have learned this lesson

Many tens of thousands of students have successfully and during a short period of time learned the language this way. 

How long does it take?
That totally depends on you. Do you do one lesson every day? Then you will speak Dutch within two months. Do you prefer to take it a bit slower? Then do 2 lessons a week and learn Dutch within six months. One lesson will take you about an hour and thirty minutes.

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Go to Google play or the App Store and start your Dutch course! More information about this method is available on our website.

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